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Some Shop History

Primeval Ink was founded in 1997 by Suzanne Shepherd and Andi Lineweaver. We wanted to create a place with a pleasant atmosphere, where we could not only work, but also feel comfortable and know that our clients felt comfortable and reassured.

We have often heard our clients say that our shop is the cleanest, nicest or most relaxing tattoo shop they have ever been in. We have often said that we are not geniuses. We just really care about the clients. They can tell, and that's what works for us.

Primeval Ink first opened its doors for business in our original location in White Center ("Rat City") in West Seattle. On March first 1997 it was a cold, rainy day, the furnace wasn’t working, but Suzanne and Andi were tattooing … the first tattoo done in our shop was a small heart with a name. We soon became known as "The Ladies". As we lived in the neighborhood, clients would come up to us in the grocery store or the local Mexican restaurant, and want to show off their tattoos. We repaired and covered up a lot of gang tattoos and home-made tattoos and met people from many different nationalities and cultures.

Most recent was our relocation into the Olympia downtown core, next door to Rainy Day Records, near the YMCA, Fish Tale Brew Pub, and The State Theater, home of Harlequin Productions. Primeval’s new location has added some giant floral features to the murals beautifying downtown, and was featured on the front page of The Olympian Sept 28, 2015. Olympia shop also features free parking which is an unusual bonus for a downtown business.

All of our artists have been trained in the traditional manner. Each one brings his or her truly unique vision and method of expression to the challenging medium of tattoo. All of us love our work and truly appreciate and care for our clients. It’s not just the art, the clients are what make this work really fascinating for us on a day to day basis.

We are proud to know that Primeval Ink consistently gets great word of mouth which is of course the best kind of advertising there is!

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